Directioners Threaten To Commit Suicide If One Direction Ever Split Up

One Direction Girlfriend magazine in Australia

Yesterday, British boyband JLS announced they were splitting up after five successful years as a boyband.

The first found fame by coming second in UK X Factor, behind winner Leona Lewis, so they share a lot in common with One Direction.

Their split news came as a shock to many, as before 1D hit the scene they were classed as the UK’s biggest and best boyband.

So it seems that some Directioners started worrying about the future of their band and took to Twitter to express their concerns, with many worryingly saying they would commit suicide if the boys ever did split.

We seriously hope they’re just throwaway comments. Life is much more important than any boyband.

One said:
“if one direction split up do they realise people would commit suicide and im being dead serious”

Whilst others tweeted:
“@onedirection if you’s ever split up ill actually commit suicide being deadly serious I can not live with out you’s its impossible♡”

“JLS just ended and tbh, it broke my heart and i don’t even like them. just imagine if One Direction would end. OMFG SUICIDE.”

“if one direction split im pretty sure ill be hearing loads of suicide cases”

“if one direction split up do they realise people would commit suicide and im being dead serious”

Fans need not worry for a few years as yet as each member is locked into a very tight contract until at least 2015, bound by Syco, with them all receiving a very large bonus if they stay together till then. Which they will.

We’re pretty sure a new contract will then be signed after that date.


  1. All this crap about 1D fans committing suicide if the split up i pathetic, N yet Directioners have the guts to slag us "EMO's" off for liking bands like suicide silence and Black Veil Brides, at least their songs have true meanings to the lyrics rather 1D doing covers of old songs. And all this cut for Bieber and 1D crap needs to stop. Yh cutting yourself makes you all big. NOT people do it because it's their only escape, or let out their true pain. I mean i dont hate on 1D. nor do i like them, but all this rivalry is getting out of hand. So if any of the One Direction members are here reading this right now. Try and talk to your fans because us rock fans don't need the crap okay thanks bye.

    1. Not all directioners are like that. I love scream music and rock but I'm also a directioner.