New pic from the 'Best Song Ever' video

There has been pretty much everything about 1d.

Films, music, magazines, but there hasn’t been anything about Directioners.

Until now!!

UK channel 4 has made a documentary about the lives of directioners and how they manage to find the boys, their dreams and how long they spend spamming the boys on twitter.
We know you directioners are crazy, so this will give the rest of the public a chance to see just how mental you are (in a good way) and how passionate you are to support our 5 favourite boys.
Apparently the documentary will feature stories about “death threats, gay fantasies and even One Direction’s willy sizes”.
Well they just need to read the fanfiction in our forum to know about all that.
Director Daisy Asquith added: “This film will offer a fascinating insight into a new kind of idol worship. Social media communities connect millions of fans in a way that was never possible before. It’s the ‘Narnia’ that is their online fandom.”
The programme will be shown on Channel 4 at 10pm on August 15th, so that’s next week! Set your sky plus now!!
Only UK directioners will be able to watch it when it is shown, but there’s bound to be a feed somewhere for everyone else to watch it.

Are you excited to have a programme about you directioners?

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